From the President

Hello and Welcome,

I want each of you to know how truly honored I am that you have selected me to be the Junior League of South Brevard’s (JLSB) President for 2016-2018. I am truly grateful and humbled to the women of our great community for their commitment to the JLSB and the proven 50 year history that the JLSB has as the catalyst of change for our community and women leadership.

Helen Keller said that ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’. I am excited to go on and continue this daring adventure with each and every one of these talented women of the past and present.

As I sat down to reflect on what Junior League has meant to me, I realized that Junior League has been a life teacher to me. I joined the Sub-Junior group ran by Junior League of St. Augustine in high school and I had no idea the impact and growth that I would get. In fact, in my life I have made three significant commitments that have shaped who I am today. My commitment to my husband and our family, 2nd my commitment to my real estate business and my commitment to join that sub-junior group all those years ago. You see on the surface I had made some of my best friends and to this day I am still friends with most of them and I learned some very practical life skills that I use every day. I now realize they also told me that I am a leader and gave me confidence to challenge any status quo and truly unlocked my potential. That is why I have chosen “Unlock your potential” as the theme for JLSB. I want to lead JLSB to unlock it’s potential but more than that I hope to see that each and every one of the women who are involved reach their potential and help to do that for others that we come in contact with. Someone once told me something that I feel has been my most paramount thought in regard to being a leader- ‘Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to be better’. It is not about every member of our organization and the lives we touch daily and together we have the power to accomplish the truly amazing and reach personal excellence.

Your contribution to JLSB will allow us the opportunity to continue the Junior League’s rich history and the remarkable accomplishments that we have and will achieve. Membership and support information can be found here on our website, under the “get involved” tab.  Thank you for visiting the JLSB’s page. Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to know more. 


Lindsay Sanger

President 2016-2018




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